You Shriek




This immersive sound, these layered voices calling out across a tenebrous landscape of old iron and solitude wax and radiate from everywhere and nowhere. Introspection and sorrow dwell forever in memories of this music. Keenly evocative lyrics stride with an exquisite orchestra of postmodern rock instruments, crash landing somewhere between new wave melodic and goth-somber. As the last whispers subside, awash in sparkling guitars, lavish synths, and cresting echoes, there is a song that does not tell you how to feel—but feel you will.

The first new You Shriek music in a decade reveals a true solo passion project—an unmistakable indie aesthetic beneath the trappings of a classic alternative major-label effort. Listeners might recognize the influence of enduring left-of-the-dial rock guitar heroes Johnny Marr and Will Sergeant, the swirling and spacious synthscapes of Ultravox and Clan of Xymox, and an earnest nod to the structural pop of Duran Duran and The Cars.