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  • Spinning Apace

    This is a welcome routine: More podcasters and DJs to thank & greet for their recent, precious attention. Twitterfriend DJ Parallax has a crafty new show on Darkside Radio, also podcasts regularly. Possibly our first spins in-world from DJ BronxElf in Second Life’s Club Gothika & stream. Lovely comments from Jen of Inside My Head […]

  • Apposite Eventualities

    We’re overdue for another expression of gratitude for those superstar podcasters and mastermind radio hosts that selected You Shriek in the past couple of weeks. Thanks in no small part to you, the fanometer is registering spikes of a magnitude we’ve never before measured— Facebook likes, Twitter follows, Email List signups, LastFM spins, (and probably […]

  • netcasts we love

    In case the stream in the sidebar isn’t enough @youshriek twitter for you (and, really, how could you have enough?) it would be worthwhile, and furthermore mutually beneficial for you to join in the conversation. I’d like that. But the real point of this post is to thank (and thereby perhaps draw your attention to) […]