Jul 072011

screens and shadowsAn honor: Dark Horizons Radio made us artist of the month for July, and more: they spun one of our earliest tracks, Grim on the annual Coffin Classics show today. Download the podcast— there’s some memories from Tones On Tail, Chameleons, Cyberaktif, Xymox. Thank you very much, Theresa & Edd.
Further on that topic, we just submitted an exclusive club mix of Ever and Anon for the 7th Dark Horizons Compilation CD. I’d bet on that track making the cut, along with a killer from Cellmod which carries a small/low performance contribution from yours truly.

Add Grave Concerns magazine to the growing list of insightful and incisive reviews written of Somewhere Between (Heaven & Sorrow). We’re also eagerly awaiting a paper copy of Dominion Magazine on import from across the pond that’s got us covered— issue #10.

Listen for an interview segment on an upcoming episode of the impossibly eclectic solipsisticNATION podcast (Subscribe/get schooled if you think you know electronic music. Respect.)

“Work” “continues” on a video (photo evidence directly above) for the Goodbye Berlin remix. No idea what the exact purpose of this project is, but as a proof-of-concept, archival footage is going a long way toward looking kind-of cool intercut with a small amount of The Band. This might be entertaining. And might be finished within a couple of weeks.

Dec 122010

This is a welcome routine: More podcasters and DJs to thank & greet for their recent, precious attention. Twitterfriend DJ Parallax has a crafty new show on Darkside Radio, also podcasts regularly. Possibly our first spins in-world from DJ BronxElf in Second Life’s Club Gothika & stream. Lovely comments from Jen of Inside My Head podcast and also from skilled beatmixer SiNNeR Angelo on OSA After Dark. Please tell them all we said, “Hi”.

This is not-routine: Absolutely smashing remix delivered by Cellmod just now. It will blow you away. Really. If the sound system at the club is powerful enough, I’m sure this mix is precisely tuned to hurl you across the dance floor, then chase you down & hold you until you weep in its arms. Regrouping after travel for this release.


We’re overdue for another expression of gratitude for those superstar podcasters and mastermind radio hosts that selected You Shriek in the past couple of weeks. Thanks in no small part to you, the fanometer is registering spikes of a magnitude we’ve never before measured— Facebook likes, Twitter follows, Email List signups, LastFM spins, (and probably MySpace things)— all on the constant rise.

So whether you’ve already spun No Heroes, on your show, or queued it for general rotation, thank you. That’s to Dave and Brandi on InsideOutcast (above and beyond a mere spin & mention!) Martin on Thirteen13, Po on Death & Resurrection, Mikey on Strangeways, Colin on Ourobouros (when things get better. hope they’re looking up), Mirage on Darkside Radio. Sparkling good shows, each different, all worth your while.

And here’s one that doesn’t come up often: Our friend Dragonfly Lingo has announced a clever contest to give away a lovely handmade dragonfly logo notebook. This constitutes our enthusiastic submission to the drawing, as well as your opportunity to click over to hear some heavy, dark and twisted collages, conceived of vivisected rock and downtempo, furtive & familiar speech clips, and clarion ear stabs of synth-borne melody.

Next free track, “Lilith in Libra” is on-deck for VIPs (that is, everyone on the email list.)


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