Unreal Cities

12 Tracks. 2003Download this album for $5

The second full-length release. Representing a body of work created over three years, this album reveals a broad range of our interests and explorations from dark electronic dance, to introspective ethereal experiments.
In contrast to the last CD, this was recorded and produced entirely by the band in our own studio. Much had changed in the intervening years, and as these tracks were being written and recorded as demos, it became clear that for the first time, we could achieve master-quality recordings without hiring the Big Studio. It made sense to invest in recording gear instead. With that decision, we gained the freedom to work, remix and finish each song as part of the writing process.
The original version of the recording is packaged in a handmade, cloth-bound, numbered book. Each edition of 20 features a series of images made by the band, one unique photograph in each book. No two copies are alike.