dead pilots – vocals

recording progress View this post on Instagram album progress Dead Pilots main vocals. shot this before all the backing v & harmonies… wait till you [continues…]

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nobody fucking asked: fan-supported videos

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summer of covers 2012+

last summer i recorded some roots-goth / 4AD cover songs. it was sisters, banshees, bauhaus, cocteaus, and then on to making demos for The Next [continues…]

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summer of covers 3 – mix preview

I’m almost finished mixing this one. agonizing over final details, which often occurs on the verge of starting over and completely nailing it in a [continues…]

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spies on zero zero island no. 17: aerostat

i’d been searching for motivation to make a new episode of this series for a couple of years. perfect opportunity: to collaborate with my friend [continues…]

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studio techniques – drum synth

Some of what I do here at zero zero island. Contains some computers and Simmons drums. Mercifully short.

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