Woke to an unprecedented stream of hits on my alert for web posts about the band; Today is the day my brand new album showed up on all of the illegal torrent sites, mp3 0day forums, and http filedump hosts. There are a couple of different rips going around, both of which were done by people to whom I mailed a disc… (there’s a photo of it.) Maybe they were 2nd owners already. Whatever. Life is weird.

If you’re thinking about getting it for free, please also consider going to and paying for a disc, vinyl record or lossless download. Perhaps more importantly, spread the word, follow @youshriek on twitter, Facebook-Like, and download Goodbye Berlin from in exchange for your email address so we can stay in touch. And offer legitimate free stuff once in a while.

Thank you for choosing to support the band. It means more than ever.


You were born, and you still exist. Good job, mate. There are some notes on this one. They’re on the album page. You could read them while you listen. That’s how I wrote them, last night. This gift isn’t quite as old as the last one. I hope it fits.

UPDATE: swiftly gone. that’s all for the gifts, since pre-sales are about to begin. working on that NOW.


Oh, what the hell… my birthday is some time this week or month or year, so I’m going to give the gift of a bunch of albums for the rest of February so you can give me the gift of downloading You Shriek songs. This EP is our first CD release from 1994. Info page really has info. Love you all. Enjoy the music, junkies.

UPDATE: party favors are gone. no more downloads of this EP, but you can listen.

Feb 132011

Lara presented the 1st mockup of the Caesium Fallout EP 12″ sleeve. It’ll be brilliant.


Diamond Girl photo of a Banksy pieceFinal mastering for Somewhere Between (Heaven & Sorrow) was finished (to be candid) long ago, by the talented and personable Brian Hazard of Resonance Mastering. Our paths had crossed several times; I was already a fan of his work on some albums in my collection, so connecting was natural. And now, after the work, he remains a terrific resource to follow around the ‘net.

With mastering comes the final decision on how loud to make the music sound. We could push these mixes to match screaming radio hits, but so doing means mercilessly crushing down all of the short, exciting micro-spikes of sound. That’s a trend. Many think it a horrible, garish, fatiguing trend…

Fortunately the first pass Brian delivered was nothing like that. The result is loud enough that you won’t want to reach for a volume knob when one of these songs comes on, but you’ll still experience the contrast of a quiet shimmer between stabs. It’s a physical & emotional component that I had to preserve.

The brilliant part is: if you want even more of that sound (and you’re willing to put forth the effort to turn up the volume) you’ll be able to choose an entirely different final master of the album with even greater dynamic contrast. What you get is the kind of sound you can turn up in your headphones and disappear into the song. This will be the “diamond mine” version, because “audiophile” is just too insulting.

I’ve never seen this done before, but since there’s no additional manufacturing requirement in offering both versions for download you get a choice. And to take it a step further, the diamond version will be offered in a format that’s higher-quality than CDs support; specifically 96khz, 24 bit lossless files. I’m excited to see if this delights or confuses everyone. Questions? Please ask here, or on Twitter or Facebook.


Some of what I do here at zero zero island. Contains some computers and Simmons drums. Mercifully short.

Jan 052011

In case it hasn’t been obvious, there was a protracted, experimental fan outreach phase of this album release going on. Basically: thanks for helping meet & exceed goals for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace. I’m going to try not to write anything else in this box until there’s a release date. (if that strikes you as a misapplication of effort, you’re on to me.) -=r

Dec 122010

This is a welcome routine: More podcasters and DJs to thank & greet for their recent, precious attention. Twitterfriend DJ Parallax has a crafty new show on Darkside Radio, also podcasts regularly. Possibly our first spins in-world from DJ BronxElf in Second Life’s Club Gothika & stream. Lovely comments from Jen of Inside My Head podcast and also from skilled beatmixer SiNNeR Angelo on OSA After Dark. Please tell them all we said, “Hi”.

This is not-routine: Absolutely smashing remix delivered by Cellmod just now. It will blow you away. Really. If the sound system at the club is powerful enough, I’m sure this mix is precisely tuned to hurl you across the dance floor, then chase you down & hold you until you weep in its arms. Regrouping after travel for this release.


Artwork for the album Somewhere Between (Heaven & Sorrow)Pre-sales for Somewhere Between (Heaven & Sorrow) will begin 7th March, 2011. Official release will be 4th April, 2011 The album is a collection of newly-finished & recorded songs whose demos and origins span more than a decade. The accompanying vinyl 12″ EP, Music From The Ceasium Fallout Series will contain exclusive extended & remastered sound from the trilogy episodes of the Spies on Zero Zero Island video podcast.


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