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In case the stream in the sidebar isn’t enough @youshriek twitter for you (and, really, how could you have enough?) it would be worthwhile, and furthermore mutually beneficial for you to join in the conversation. I’d like that.

But the real point of this post is to thank (and thereby perhaps draw your attention to) the fantastic podcasts that have been playing our music lately. All of whom are the aforementioned conversation.

@cruelbrit2010’s show is called Fadeout, @aztalanturf is at Aztalan Turf, @DHRadio is Dark Horizons Radio, @CINCI_INVASION hosts The Invasion @solipsistic for solipsistic NATION, and @CRY0G3N on Sounds from the Sandbox.

Give them each a click.

Actual, smart, interesting music fans playing what they love. Let commercial radio continue to rot away in cultural and artistic irrelevance.

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  1. Thanks for the plug and thanks for making great music :) I second the recommendations for Dark Horizons, The Invasion and Sounds from the Sandbox. Haven’t heard Fadeout or solipsistic NATION, but I guess I now have some homework to do.

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